Window Washing in Surrey, south Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock area

Let your windows shine with spotless sparkle

I would bet that you find washing windows streak-free to be a tricky task at best or a tedious chore otherwise. Well, you are in luck because at Horizon Homecare we love cleaning windows and that's why we are in this business. Whether you have a large glass facade that your neighborhood birds skillfully decorated dead-centre, or a small powder room window on the second level of your home that you can’t quite reach, we are experienced in cleaning windows of all types and sizes.

We usually start off with sweeping dirt and dust from window frames, otherwise they inconveniently become muddy clay once we start spraying it and double up the cleaning time required. Our industrial-grade, water-fed brush is attached to a gentle flow-through pole, which can extend up to 30 feet, and it provides effective cleaning with efficient and minimal use of water.

Contrary to conventional beliefs, hot sunny days are not best suited for window cleaning because warm glass surface dries too quickly before we wipe it off, leaving behind those stubborn streak marks. So, please don’t think that we are slacking in the shade if you see us starting our work from the north side of your property. Rest assured that we do take proper care not to allow excessive amount of water flowing into window frames or behind wall surfaces.

While we think that saying "we promise 100% streak-free results" is a bit over-confident, we haven't had (knock on wood) any customers who are not satisfied with our window-washing skills. So, reach out to us and we will be happy to knock your door with our hoses hanging over our shoulders and telescopic brushes in our hands.