Gutter Cleaning in Surrey, south Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock area

Prevent property damage by having your gutters cleaned regularly

We live on the West Coast, which is known for its record-breaking rainfalls and precipitation, and so gutter cleaning calls from our customers in the Langley, Surrey and White Rock areas definitely make the top of our most-provided services list. Whether your property has built-in, hidden rubber gutters or standard K-style aluminum gutters, they require proper cleaning annually.

By the "out of sight, out of mind" adage is how gutters usually end up as the last item on your list of tasks for rainy or snowy season preparedness. We too quite often see homeowners neglect their gutters to the point that they become clogged and experience rainwater overflow, which could furthermore cause a variety of damage to their building envelope. During winter months, a clogged gutter or downspout system can freeze and cause damages that are very costly to repair. If there are a large number of trees around your property, your gutters should be cleaned more often.

While many property owners think of gutter cleaning as a DIY-level chore, important safety precautions can be overlooked, which poses considerable danger. A safe and efficient gutter cleaning job requires the right equipment and attire as well as the proper technique, and so we will earnestly contend that it is best left for experienced cleaners—which is why Horizon Homecare is coming forward as your trusted go-to gutter cleaning professionals. Save big on your gutter cleaning by signing up for our semi-annual gutter cleaning program designed for our loyal repeat customers.

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