House Exterior Cleaning / Pressure Washing in Surrey, south Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock area

House and Property Exterior Surface Cleaning Pros

Give your home or property the sparkle it deserves with Horizon Homecare’s property exterior cleaning and washing services. Not all exterior surface types and sidings can be cleaned with the same method.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

While vinyl siding is one of the most popular and durable building materials in Canada, it can lose its finish quality and curb appeal over time unless it is routinely cared for and cleaned. The Vinyl Siding Institute recommends that the best way to clean vinyl exterior is using a soft-bristle brush, aided with proper cleaning solvents as needed; this is exactly how we clean your house exterior. Our industrial-grade, water-fed brush is attached to a gentle flow-through pole, which can extend up to 30 feet, and it provides effective cleaning with efficient and minimal use of water. Got stubborn grimes and stains? No problem, our controlled-pressure power washers come handy and they are the proper tool to apply an appropriately limited amount of pressure to prevent seams and other delicate structural details from getting damaged. Give Horizon Homecare a call and let us refresh your home's exterior to look brand-new again!

Wood Siding and Wood Exterior Cleaning

Wood exterior possesses natural characteristics that call for extra care and consideration when you clean it. Wood exterior is more sensitive to temperature and various weather elements than most other types of exteriors. Manual scrubbing with a wet cloth and bucket of cleaning solution is often not enough to clean wood exteriors. At the same time, the excessive water pressure of a strong jet can actually damage wood, wherein water can push through cracks and joints or strip away the surface-most paint layer. Therefore, we often gently spray wash wood sidings in small sections at a time and along the way, we visually inspect to identify any areas that may require repairs to extend your property exterior's lifespan. Let Horizon Homecare give your home's exterior wood sidings the best possible finishing touch!

Metal, Stone, Glass and Other Exterior Surfaces Cleaning

Thanks to the dominance of West Coast architectural style, where designs of structures aim to bring the natural environment as close to us as possible, we get to clean on a daily basis many different modern exterior styles and finishes, such as glass, metal and stone. These types of exteriors are relatively easy to maintain and don't require cleaning as often as wood or vinyl sidings would. We couple the proper mix of cleaning solution with a gentle scrubbing technique, moving from the top of the house downward. Please contact Horizon Homecare today and we will give your property exterior the proper washing it needs.

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